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There comes a time that we use a cosmetic or begin to reach its bottom, and the question is “Buy or not to buy?”. If the product fulfilled a list of specific conditions that we put him we buy it again, if not impressed us and we waited only until the end, we start to search something new. If you want to know what led me to re-purchase the products listed below you are invited to read …

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1. Bielenda – Gentle 2-phase liquid eye makeup remover Avocado series.

I buy regularly from about 2 years. I use every day (I’m rarely without makeup). Shaking the container tightly to content intermarried with each other and then soaked with cosmetic pad. For a moment, holding the eyelids and start to gently rub your eyes and face. Great washes away any makeup, easily handles every kind of color waterproof cosmetics, the company and the amount on the eyelid. It is very rich so you need to wash your face after it or wipe with tonic. The label suggests using the sensitive eyes and all the time it has not irritated or alerted me. As for performance it is enough for a little over a month, at around 10PLN (previously it was about 7 PLN but unfortunately have raise) it comes out very favorably. In Poland, available in many drugstores (such as Nature and Hebe) as well as online stores. Cooperation with this product is to me so satisfying, that I do not feel the need to look around for something new. Well, maybe sometimes I want to test something, but it’s out of pure curiosity. Description of the producer HERE.


2. Pollena Eva Natura – Soothing cleansing facial gel from Herbal Garden series.

My 3 pack. Gently foaming, nicely washes face and removes makeup. Do not use it for full make-up – is too weak, so you have to remove make-up first. But the ordinary face wash is just perfect. Non-irritating and non-sensitizing. After cleaning up my skin is not particularly pinched, so I can slowly use a toner and apply cream. It is a big achievement, because the majority of my facial skin gels after toweling dry have left my face very tense. It has a delicate scent that does not remain on the skin and does not bother me. Another plus is the reasonable price of about 10 PLN. Enough for me for 3 months of use (2 times a day – morning and evening). Description of the producer HERE.


3. Pollena Eva Natura – Conditioning facial toner Herbal Garden series.

Positive experience when using the cleansing facial gel in this series described above prompted me to try another product. Not suitable for washing makeup. I use it to refresh the skin, equalize the pH level and prepare the skin for the cream. I think that with these tasks doing well, so I bought my second bottle. The manufacturer put on the pack of gel and tonic information about the content of the extract of red clover. In the tonic I feel that gentle scent, which evokes pleasant associations with summer meadow and holidays. Used every day, morning and evening, I’m fine for about a month. Price about 8 PLN. Description of the producer HERE.


4. Yves Rocher – Shield Serum 24-H Antioxidant from Cure Solutions series.

For me, the perfect product. One small sample was enough that I got to have it. For the first time in my life I felt like my skin smiles gratefully. I use it more than a year and one bottle lasts for a few months (about 3-4). The manufacturer says about the 24-H action, but for me the application in the morning and in the evening replay. I use after washing my face with tonic the serum, especially in the summer because it hydrates well and is very light and when I need more moisture, for example, in the winter in heated rooms, the cream. The smell is mild and pleasant. I do not have wrinkles, so I can not confirm that the fights against it, but certainly nothing appears. The state of my skin has been visible improved. Before I bought the serum, a little neglected my skin and natural paleness changed to grayish tint. With regular use, I see that the skin is more hydrated, more flexible and has a healthier color, regained a healthy glow (as they say in the commercials producers in advertising creams and I think it perfectly describes my situation). After such positive effects I went to the store to get more samples of this series to the test, and after a while I bought a mask, and I plan to purchase the cream. I fell into this description in the rapture, but if there are disadvantages? Unfortunately, the price for me is big. The 30 ml bottle is the regular price of 125 PLN Poland. Card or loyalty program from Yves Rocher helps save money, because every month I get a discount coupons that allow me to purchase the above-described fun with a discount of 30 to even 50%. To sum up – for me an amazing product worth even its high, unfortunately, price. However, each skin is different and in order to guard against the release of 62.50 PLN best advise is you first go to the store and ask for a sample to test cosmetics. Description of the producer HERE.


5. Soraya – Eye cream with Corallina Officinalis brightening and oxygenating from the series Beauty Therapy.

It was my first eye cream, but that’s probably a bit of a different composition (I’m not sure) and other packing materials. Once have only been using face cream but eyeshadows and concealer under the eyes dried my eyelids and the skin under the eyes. It was then my choice and often came back to him after various experiments with other creams and gels. It is possible that actually delays the appearance of fine lines, as yet haven’t got wrinkles. It has a light, creamy texture, not very greasy and absorbs well. Definitely a good moisturizer for the skin, both under the eyes and eyelids (yes, I use it also on the eyelids). It is gentle, never felt burning or other discomfort after using. I do not remember the exact price, but it is unlikely to exceed 15 PLN. Problem – I’m not sure whether it will continue, because it’s not listed in the product on the manufacturer’s website. Description of the producer HERE only in polish.


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  1. Delois says:

    Yeah- the cheap stuff doesn’t compare to the betetr makeup. The feel, the smell, the texture, the wear.. nearly all the department store is superior to the drugstore stuff. I find the department store makeup (Estee Lauder, Lancome, Mac, etc.) are pretty comparable- Especially since Estee Lauder now owns most of them! And I do buy drugstore sometimes- nail polish, lip gloss, cleanser. The big deal for me, though, is skincare- moisturizers, repair products, preventive care. I don’t buy the very very most expensive, but I do get the best I can afford. Makeup makes you look good for a couple of hours- good skincare makes you look good for always!

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