BB Cream from Eveline – hit or miss…???

bb cream eveline

I have very mixed feelings when it comes to this product. In general, I trust the brand Eveline, bought and has not complained. And now … I do not know what to say. Still “fighting” and test the cream on all kinds of ways, but for sure I’m not going to like it. For sure it will not buy again. I just want to give him another chance and a use it a little bit more.



Now maybe concretes – I bought this for light complexion. Producer promises:

– evens skin – certainly not for me, even a small amount makes me an orange mask, I do not sunbathe, I admit, indeed, I’m the pale vampire, but not the only one in the country and the manufacturer did not take it into account, the picture from a model of the box is just a result of the work of computer graphic
– covers redness and imperfections – no coverage, and a lot of “this” it’s impossible to use
– intensive moisturizing for 48 hours – I wonder how I got to try it out? After each wash my skin requires immediate hydration and nothing in this regard has not changed
– smoothes and brightens – it certainly causes glowing which I have to cover with powder
– reduces signs of fatigue – hmmm … and here whey cought me, the tired skin is a “gray” skin, so if it will be suddenly orange it can’t be gray
– SPF 15 against UVA / UVB – no longer here, I believe the word.

bb cream eveline test

I also believe a word that contains all kinds of vitamins and other benefits, but in addition to changing the color of the skin of the beautiful orange did not see any action, and certainly none of the promises. Testing it only gives me problems, then I you have to somehow lead my face to right order. In addition, it takes me time without the positive effects, a whole lot of time devoted to try out different techniques use – thicker or thinner layer, alone or mixed with cream or light primer etc.. And yet, unfortunately, with a touch of wear – even on clothes, so low durability and laundry. But at least it has a nice smell. On the other hand what I wanted to expect for the price?? MIRACLE? But I understand that someone may have a different opinion. These are just my personal opinions. Someone may have a different color of skin, skin type, and everything will be fine and dandy, but I look around on the net and I’ll save money on the real BB cream.

Best regards

I bought the product alone, with my own money and all opinions are my personal thoughts, and no one was has affected on them.

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