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Everyone have sand, and so have I…

The company Lovely has introduced a wide range of products to the hottest trends in manicure at very affordable prices. So far I hesitated to buy a nail polish “sand”, because I did not know whether I’d love his texture. With Lovely I took the risk for less than 9PLN. In range of nail polishes with the texture of sand “Baltic Sand” they have three colors – red, yellow and blue. About the last one I can write more.

Lovely Piasek Baltic Sand 01

Lovely Piasek Baltic Sand 02

Light blue color, you can even say that the sea color and reminds me of the sea. Matt finish, but with a lot of glitter. In the pictures nails painted with one layer. After a minute, nail polish was already dry. I really liked the visual effect. The particles of glitter sparkles beautifully in both the sun and artificial light. But I could not get used to the fact that the nails are not smooth to the touch. I have also some small threads hooked on to. I used to it after about two days. I had the nail polish on my nails four days and during that time I did not see any rubbig off or “losing” glitter.

Lovely Piasek Baltic Sand 03

Lovely Piasek Baltic Sand 05

Lovely Piasek Baltic Sand 06

Lovely Piasek Baltic Sand 10

Washing of it turned out to be quite simple. I held a little longer a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover and then rubbed.

To sum up – a successful experiment. An interesting variety of traditional lacquered nail, very impressive. If I would give notes it would get “A -“. The minus is for a small range of colors.


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