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Lovely – Baltic Sand Nr3

Lovely Piasek Baltic Sand 04
Everyone have sand, and so have I…

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Essie – maximillian strasse-her

Essie maximillian strasse-her 001

Nail polish from Essie Spring Collection madison ave-hue. Pastel, milky shade of gray, depending on the light green or light blue. It reminds me of rainy sky.

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Brand Lovely holds on tight


About new trends in manicure spring / summer 2013 I wrote HERE. That which is often repeated at the shows was very expressive manicure – neon, metallic and 3D. While shopping at a drugstore, I discovered that the Polish Lovely brand has created a wide range of responding to any trends.

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Short advice: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!

Do you wonder what your face skin would say if it could talk? I know what would my skin say – DO NOT TOUCH ME THESE DIRTY FINGERS!!!

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