Short advice: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!

Do you wonder what your face skin would say if it could talk? I know what would my skin say – DO NOT TOUCH ME THESE DIRTY FINGERS!!!

That I’m supposed to be clean? It’s not like working in the mines and in general I am a very clean? Oh, probably not much. At the store, at work, at school, on the bus touching objects that are also touched by others. The naked eye can not see the dirt, but really – our hands are far from clean. We move on them plenty of villians and now just imagine that You touch face, in order to, for example, scratch Your nose … Yes, shocker.

Why I write about this? For some time I started to have big problems with the complexion. It’s strange to me, because even experienced teenage period without laments. So I began primarily a healthier diet and plenty of water. The improvement was small. I did not changed cosmetics, because the core of the problem was definitely somewhere else. After close observation, I noticed that the biggest “problems” I have in face parts exposed to contact with the hands (I admit that I like sitting at the computer with chin based on hand). Besides I got some stupid habit touching my face when I’m lost in thought. I conducted an experiment of absolute “nottouchingface” and pretty soon I noticed positive results. It reminded me of a couple of years ago, I was at the beautician, who told me anecdote about her client working in a bank. She had an apparently terribly polluted skin, because she touched her face moving dirt, germs and all you can with the money touched by thousands of hands. I wish I had reminded me earlier.

Of course, that my observation does not deprive you of all the problems, but it is worth to think about. By major problems with the complexion the diet, lifestyle, and even cosmetics or dermatologist is necessary. But to realize this basic and very simple rule to make skin clean can significantly help you.

I’ll leave you alone now, you quietly reconsider my words, have a nice long weekend and I go wash my hands 😉

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