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SEPHORA Primal Instincts Eyeshadow Palette


Brand SEPHORA threatens with return of primordial instincts with a set of 14 eyeshadows. It sounds scary, but to me it means countless number of neutral “nude” makeup to the sexy smokey eyes. 14 shadows suggest having fun and having field for the imagination. And the truth? I bought a palette about a month ago, by the time I used it almost every day, and I think I can now say a few words …

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Paese – 140

paese mietowy lakier 1

Beautiful, delicate shade of mint – my perfect shade of mint.

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Subtle and feminine, not only on Valentine’s Day …


You have a date after work and want to look good, but don’t have time to do makeup just befor. You think that your makeup should add you beauty and splendor, but do not want it to out to the fore.

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OPI Just Spotted The Lizard vs. CATRICE Genius In The Bottle

Opi vs Catrice 1

Metallic nail polishes, which, depending on the lighting and angle of the light changes the color from the sea to grenish-gold. Perfect for gray winter days, a party or a walk on a summer sunny day.

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