OPI Just Spotted The Lizard vs. CATRICE Genius In The Bottle

Opi vs Catrice 1

Metallic nail polishes, which, depending on the lighting and angle of the light changes the color from the sea to grenish-gold. Perfect for gray winter days, a party or a walk on a summer sunny day.

OPI Just spotted The Lizard is a limited edition for the Spiderman movie and the US could be a cheaper equivalent of Chanel Peridot nail polish. However, in Europe the OPI brand is still quite expensive (about 40-50 PLN for 15ml). So CATRICE Genius In The Bottle is even cheaper option (the price of about 10 PLN for 10ml).

Opi vs Catrice 2

To the effect you see on the pictures I needed paint my nails with 2 coats by both nail polishes. Quality is from both very good. OPI’s brush is long and quite wide, from CATRICE is a little shorter and flattened. Each painting was quick and easy. Metallic finish will not not have smudges where You use it in rapid decisive movements. It is worth mentioning also a very fast drying time for both cases. There are of course slight variations in color. Just Spotted Lizard gets a little more in the green side and the Genius In The Bottle has more flashes of gold and copper.
Opi vs Catrice 3 Opi vs Catrice 4

For me, the quality of both coatings is excellent, the decision to buy will influence the price and availability of the product (Just spotted The Lizard is a limited edition collection).

Opi vs Catrice 5

Pictures taken in daylight without the sun.


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