SEPHORA Primal Instincts Eyeshadow Palette


Brand SEPHORA threatens with return of primordial instincts with a set of 14 eyeshadows. It sounds scary, but to me it means countless number of neutral “nude” makeup to the sexy smokey eyes. 14 shadows suggest having fun and having field for the imagination. And the truth? I bought a palette about a month ago, by the time I used it almost every day, and I think I can now say a few words …

Let’s start roughly with the price – Primal Instincts normal range of costs in Sephora is almost 100 PLN (I was lucky to buy it with 20% discount). What you get for the money at first look? 14 neutral shadows (3 matt and last are shimmer) in a beautiful, sturdy box with snake prints and a mirror on the inner wall. Large selection of colors from very light beige, with gold, copper, bronze, purple, gray to the black – dominated by warm colors. For me that choice is fully satisfying, I dare even say that in this palette are thrown a pretty close matches of my favorite shades of NAKED and NAKED2.

sephoraWildPaleta 1

sephoraWildPaleta 2

What about the quality? Pigmentation of the shadows at a high level – only 3 matt colors fall a little less, it is a fairly common problem with matte shadows. Creamy texture, very good to apply and easy to blend. You should, however, expect the fallouts of shadows during application, resulting in a small amount of shiny particles on the cheeks.

sephoraWildPaleta 3

sephoraWildPaleta 4

From left to right: universal beige n˚8 (matte), sable.sand,, abricot.apricot, rose thé.tea rose, taupe.taupe, brun mat.matte brown (matte).


sephoraWildPaleta 5

From left to right: camel.camel, bronze.bronze, acajou.mahogony, bourgogne profond.deep burgundy, prune.plum, acier.steel, must have n˚6 (matte).

I believe that the palette is fully worth the money spent on it. “100 PLN” is a lot. But we do get for that “a lot”. It serves me very well and will surely be enough for long. I can recommend it with a clear conscience anyone who needs a set of shadows on every occasion, he wants to take it in traveling and can not afford NAKED or NAKED2 palette from Urban Decay.

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