Subtle and feminine, not only on Valentine’s Day …


You have a date after work and want to look good, but don’t have time to do makeup just befor. You think that your makeup should add you beauty and splendor, but do not want it to out to the fore.

This is what I will present here, is a delicate way of underlining feminine beauty. Of course, if you go to school or work in a corporation with a very strict dress code, do not recommend its implementation. But in exceptional cases the makeup is so versatile that it fits on any time of day and the occasion. Delicate, golden browns and beiges will look favorably on any type of beauty.

So grab the brushes in hand and start …

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1. The first thing I do is to emphasize brow. Mine are light and not very visible. Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes and give the face a lot of character. Complete them and even up with shadow or pencil and your makeup is complete.


2. Trick of Asian women – “invisible eyeliner” – complete with a soft black pencil eye lash line on the upper eyelids. Your lashes will look thicker and you will be protect against “empty places” after using mascara.


3. Eyeshadow primer – especially if you want your makeup last all day do not leave this step.


4. Use pearl shadows – you will brighten the eyes in this way and make him to look you deep in the eyes.

5. Coat your eyelid with light golden-beige shadow with pink flashes. Not recommend using too pink shade – the long day your eyes will look more tired. Gently smudge a shadow over the entire eyelid.


6. In the outer corner apply a toffee-colored shadow. Now, smudge thoroughly with a soft eyeshadow brush (or a clean finger if you prefer this method), so that the colors gently pass in yourself and have lost their boundaries.


7. The inside of the lower eyelid paint with light beige shadow from step 5 and the outer with toffee.


8. You can stick with the colors and go to step 9 or darker th makeup by blending a dark brown in your crease.


9. Now, with a very dark brown or black eye shadow, draw a thin line as close to the lash line and drag it to the lid slightly upwards. Not recommend the use of pencil or liquid eyeliner – may look too strongly and hard, and yet the whole is to be the most subtle.


10. With the same shade accentuate the outside of the lower eyelid near the eyelashes.


11. Use mascara. Before that, you can curl lashes with an eyelash curler. If you are still dissatisfied with the result, but also want to look natural – use on each eyelid about 3-4 clumps of lashes. That will add something “extra” without being to heavy.


12. Use concealer to hide dark circles and any imperfections (if you have one). If necessary, use a liquid foundation before the concealer, but only in the case of very visible imperfections. I prefer to use a light mineral powder that gently hides and does not make my skin heavy.

13. For cheeks, apply a bit of light pink blush to liven up your complexion and give it freshness. To enhance the effect, on the cheekbones and inner corners of the eyes, apply a little of highlighter, as in my case, just pearl eyeshadow in vanilla.

14. I used a lip liner in a shade little darker than the color of my lips to paint my lips and I applied lip balm.

I wish you a nice date and just an enjoyable day…


Product list:

– as a brow shadow and eyeliner –  Sexpresso from the Too Faced Natural Eye palette

– eyeshadow primer – Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original from Urban Decay

– on the lid AMC SHINE 142 from INGLOT

– on the outer corner SIDECAR from the Urban Decay NAKED palette

– crease – DARKHORSE from the Urban Decay NAKED palette

– concealer Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch shade 02 Nude

– mineral foundation Revlon ColorStay shade Fair/Light

– limited edition Revoltaire blush from CATRICE

– as a highlighter I used eyeshadow VIRGIN from the Urban Decay NAKED palette

– lip liner Essence shade 01 Soft Rose

lip balm CARMEX.


P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of photos. I promise to work on that.


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