Essence – Nail Art Magnetics or magnetic nail polish

Essence - Nail Art MagneticsA very interesting trend is reproduced by, more and more brands of nail polish. I tested a quite gentle for the wallet company – Essence (



For the magnetic effect patterns maid on drying nail polish we need special series of magnetic nail polish (on the pictures color 01 miracle shine) and a special magnet in the form of a thimble on the finger.

Essence - Nail Art Magnetics test

Instruction is simple – a thicker coat of polish on the nail and attach a magnet over it for about 20 seconds being careful not to touch the wet nail. It just came out differently so I painting all the nails together with the corrections took me a while, but I’m very happy with the effect. Price also suits me – with paint and magnet together I paid less than 20 PLN. I only wish we did not have a choice of designs, in the offer is only magnet creating a strips.

stronka makeup 003

I bought the product alone, with my own money and all opinions are my personal thoughts, and no one was has affected on them

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