Spring haul 2013 – first impressions

Haul spring 2013 11

What I considered necessary for myself this spring and that I could not pass by

Limited edition of Essence with a charming name Vintage District (link to the description HERE) contains many interesting items, but I was the most interested in the blush and lipstick-gloss duo.

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When it comes to blush, then have to start by saying that it is simply beautiful. On the peach background is stamped a gold flower. So visually it made ​​a deep impression on me. That’s where the advantages end and start problems. Peach blush is very powdery consistency, hard to use and poorly pigmented. Using it makes even more difficult the golden flower that is difficult to avoid applying  blush and which has turned extremely pigmented and silky. As a result, we put on ourselves (not only face) a lot of gold pigment and shine like the sun in the distance. I would use it as a highlighter or eye shadow, but it will not last for long. When I looked at it more closely I could see that the flower is covered with only thin layer of “gold”. Well, when I decide to lose in my collection such a beautiful work of art, and I will break this gold dust – will gain peach, poorly pigmented blush.

Haul spring 2013 02

In turn, about the duo lipstick-gloss, I was not convinced, but I needed exactly that color (chose color 02 antique pink). And it was a hit. The idea of ​​combining lipstick and lip gloss in one package simplifies my life, because it is much easier for me to find the above products in my purse. The quality also can not complain. Vivid colors and durable, whether used together or separately. Do not dry out my lips or “mash up”. I’m thinking to buy backup, as it is a limited edition.

Haul spring 2013 04

Eye shadow visible in the pictures I got for free whith other stuff, color 14 divas love drama and it is a very dark, almost black purple with lots of shiny, glitter particles. Alone probably I would never bought it, but now that it’s here a use it for any night out.

As for Catrice I was counting on this company’s LE in this spring, but Poland is not spoiled with them recently and have already missed a few which I really wanted. For a long time they having sales of the old product, and finally recently I saw some news with them. Products were just set and assistants had not yet put prices.

From the Catrice I knew what to expect and as a lover of all kinds of “naked” pallets I packed to cart their ABSOLUTE NUDE Eyeshadow Palette (manufacturer’s description HERE). I have already tested it and I’m pretty happy with the purchase (the cost of some 21 PLN).

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Haul spring 2013 07

Right away I warn you that it has no single matte shadow. All are pearl, here and there with shimmer particles. Pretty good pigmentation and creamy texture for easy blending. With base survived all day and without a base not tried. Of course they have the disadvantage – incredibly fall outs and crumble (strange when, as I wrote earlier, fairly creamy consistency).

Haul spring 2013 10

The first, lightest shade has for this reason visible loss from the two uses of. You have to be reckoned with a lot of shadows on the cheeks, or more carefully to take shade and dispose of any excess of a brush. And here are brushes already mentioned, there is included to the palette a double sided applicator with a  sponge on the one hand with the other hair. Have not used, but the brush is very soft and seems to be of good quality – useful for travel.

Catrice company not only added products, but also exchanged a lot of eye shadows and nailpolishes. Since we have spring I bought a lovely pearl mint with a name 610 Mint Of Change and qualitatively is no different from the above-mentioned shadows.

Haul spring 2013 09

I was hoping to purchase a new green nail polishes, but have not yet been exposed. Tempted to classics – nail polish in the color of red wine 17 Caught On The Red Carpet. However, I will now not spend on it time now – for I will book a separate post with lots of photos and review.

Haul spring 2013 06

The nail polishes that are for me at this spring “absolutely necessary” is more. Happened to me one more red # 313 – a fiery, pearl from TANGO series of PAESE. But, of course, dominated by milky, pastel colors. Two more nail polishes of companies Paese, 304 and 306 from series Milkshake, another bottle of Isadora 619 Vintage Mint, and Essie‘s maximillian strasse-her of this year’s collection madison ave-hue. Especially for the last two positions I want to spend a little more room in separate posts, so I will not describe them in detail now.

Haul spring 2013 11

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I wish you a beautiful spring day. Let’s enjoy it, because unfortunately it is only once a year;)


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