Catrice – 17 – Caught On The Red Carpet


Gorgeous shade of red wine. It fits always and to all. Sophisticated elegance and sexy at the same time;) Color requires careful manicure. Exposes all existing gaps, but the effect is worth a little try.

About the nail polish … From the new edition of CATRICE nail polishes. The manufacturer praises that the new formula of nail polish is giving beautiful colors, shine of gel lacquers and high durability. Brush is to enable us to paint our nail in one stroke.

Catrice 17 Caught On The Red Carpet 01

Catrice 17 Caught On The Red Carpet 03

Catrice 17 Caught On The Red Carpet 05

I’ve had red wine from Avon & Golden Rose. I love this color, but always had to paint two layers and have clashed ends for a second day. I was afraid to touch anything, to do not leave maroon dashes. Don’t like to use top coat, because it is for me then another layer of polish, which I have to wait until it dries. Therefore, this time was the sustainability in which I was mostly interested in. I am not disappointed. I had the red version of the previous edition, so I do not know if it’s improved or just was it like that​​, but for 3 days I had perfect manicure and on the 4th day I saw only the first spots. The color is beautiful and I contented myself with one, a little thicker layer – the effect on the pictures.

Catrice 17 Caught On The Red Carpet 06

Catrice 17 Caught On The Red Carpet 02

I am also glad that the company has remained at last year entered the flat, wide brushes. I can not paint one stroke my thumb, but overall I really have easier life. I will continue to experiment with other colors.


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