Naked 2 Palette in Poland

Naked 2 UD

Probably already every Polish makeup blogger wrote on the subject, but it is an important event for me so well throw some of my thoughts and a few photos 😉
Yes, it’s true, you can buy in Polish Sephora famous palette from Urban Decay – Naked 2!


As soon as it arrived in my local Sephora, I went to make a purchase, and even my husband sacrificed himself and went there with me (apparently I had a crazy look on my face and he was afraid to leave me alone).

I will not complain, “why earlier” and “why do not all UD stand”, just glad that we have finally a breakthrough in that issue and maybe in the future there will be more … Certainly it was a good start to the New Year. I only know that in some cities was a presale before the New Year and I will be glad at next time if all the cities will be treated equally and fairly. But enough chatter 🙂

As for the palette – delight! I use it almost every day for two weeks. Very pigmented shadows, beautiful colors, packaging – all on 5 +. With a brush, I am happy too and I think I will use it, especially on the road. The only minus is lip gloss – just do not like the smell of mint. As for me would be better without a scent.

Of course, a few pictures

 Naked2Poland 01

Naked2Poland 004

I bought the product alone, with my own money and all opinions are my personal thoughts, and no one was has affected on them.

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