Violets in spring grass or Wibo Nail Obsession


We have a calendar spring, but in Poland there is still cold winter. Today I tried to disenchant the weather and I present to you my inspiration …

Nail Obession is a Collection from Wibo for spring / summer 2013 is not just a collection of nail polishes. It was created with the cooperation of Polish bloggers with Wibo brand. The result is a wide range of colors (10 colors) from spring pastels for vivid, energetic summer colors that scream sunshine and holidays. My favorite is the Zielona Fantazja (Nr 3), Roziskrzone niebo(Nr 6), Peaches and Cream i Mint Sorbet. One piece costs PLN 6. I bought and immediately tried the first 2. Here’s what came of that.

fiołki w trawie u wibo 01

fiołki w trawie u wibo 03

fiołki w trawie u wibo 04

Zielona Fantazja (Green Fantasy) is a beautiful, lush green grass, spring-like.

fiołki w trawie u wibo 05

Roziskrzone niebo (Sparkling sky) – strong, energetic purple with pearl finish.

fiołki w trawie u wibo 06


Both nail polishes are qualitatively similar so I write about them together. To achieve the desired effect I needed two layers. Drying time was good, especially as on the packaging there is no mention of a short drying time. Brush is short, simple, and fairly wide. For smaller nails to me was enough to the paint just with one move.

fiołki w trawie u wibo 11

fiołki w trawie u wibo 12

They should be “Gel Like”, and so we expect the spectacular finish them, shine and strength. As for the strength will be difficult for me to see because I have gel nails and no lacquer chip off of them, but certainly I can honestly say that varnishes are beautiful, saturated colors and shiny when dry and impressive look. I got two products of excellent quality at an unbeatable low price. I have a message for the company Wibo and makers of nail polishes: “Great job, keep it up!”. For me, a revelation.

fiołki w trawie u wibo 10

fiołki w trawie u wibo 02

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