Short advice: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!

Do you wonder what your face skin would say if it could talk? I know what would my skin say – DO NOT TOUCH ME THESE DIRTY FINGERS!!!

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Catrice – 17 – Caught On The Red Carpet


Gorgeous shade of red wine. It fits always and to all. Sophisticated elegance and sexy at the same time;) Color requires careful manicure. Exposes all existing gaps, but the effect is worth a little try.

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Spring haul 2013 – first impressions

Haul spring 2013 11

What I considered necessary for myself this spring and that I could not pass by

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Violets in spring grass or Wibo Nail Obsession


We have a calendar spring, but in Poland there is still cold winter. Today I tried to disenchant the weather and I present to you my inspiration …

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Products purchased again within the first quarter of 2013 – Facial Care


There comes a time that we use a cosmetic or begin to reach its bottom, and the question is “Buy or not to buy?”. If the product fulfilled a list of specific conditions that we put him we buy it again, if not impressed us and we waited only until the end, we start to search something new. If you want to know what led me to re-purchase the products listed below you are invited to read …

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